Umbro's lightning daggers are a pair of daggers formed by use of lightning magic. they can electrify their targets or they can be used for moving fast. they can be thrown to the ground as well, inflicting a small area of effect attack.

Overview Edit

The lightning daggers are umbro's signature weaponry, both daggers sporting appearance of a danish medieval dagger but having a very light blue and black coloration. They were created by Umbro herself when she still used to be mercenary. After losing her original daggers during a fight she had to think of a substitute. She remembered her having magic so she started creating the lightning daggers. after months of trial and error due to her low amount of experience of handling lightning magic she created her signature lightning daggers. Ever since that she hasn't touched real daggers.

Abilities Edit

As the name suggests, lightning daggers can electrify their targets. they can be used to moving fast by throwing one of the daggers and then "teleport" to the location where it landed or otherwise said, moving at the speed of light and creating an illusion of teleporting. it has its weaknesses such as not able to "teleport" if the dagger isnt in the line of sight or it's thrown too far away. In addition Umbro must have the another dagger in her hand to perform the "teleport"

Umbro has demonstrated they can be used to inflict area damage to others by showing her husband, Juxta, her stabbing both daggers into ground and unleashed and barrage of lightning bolts

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